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We advocate for consumer and community involvement to become standard practice in health research.

Our resources

We have developed a number of resources to support consumer and community involvement in health research. These were developed in direct response to requests from researchers, consumers and community members who have attended our training workshops.

All of our resources are written in plain language making them accessible to a wide audience and are free to download.


The link between Hearing Loss, Dementia and Mental Health Community Conversation Report

Consumers and carers attended the Community Conversation to discuss the link between hearing loss, dementia and mental health. A wide range of themes were discussed including education, support, prevention and everyday life challenges.

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Kids Immune Development Community Conversation Report

Community members joined us to share their perspectives on child immune development and research. A wide range of questions were discussed including the influences on child immune development and what needs to be done to inform the public on immune development.

flyer for the Kids Immune Community Conversation event

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Road Safety Community Conversation Report

flyer for the Road Safety Community Conversation event

A wide range of road safety issues were raised by community members. Attendees were also asked for their thoughts on solutions to the problems outlined in the session, as well as what groups or organisations might be well places to effect change.

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Involving Consumers in the Cancer Epidemiology Network

The Cancer Council Western Australian Cancer Epidemiology Network (CCEN) was an initiative designed to support and encourage cancer epidemiology and prevention research in Western Australia. The aim of the CCEN was to foster multidisciplinary collaboration in cancer epidemiology and prevention research to reduce the risk of cancer in Western Australians.

Cancer Epidemiology Network Involving Consumers in the Cancer Epidemiology Network Report




Working with the community to identify research priorities for family and domestic violence

Fisher C., McKenzie A., Preen D., Crowe S., Cooke V., Glauert R., O’Donnell M., Adams I., West M., Smith S., Harrison H., Nguyen R., Henning L., McNeil N., Frank B. Family and Domestic Violence Priority Setting Partnership Project Report. The University of Western Australia School of Population Health, Telethon Kids Institute, Kulunga Aboriginal Research Development Unit, Consumer and Community Health Research Network, Anglicare WA and Crowe Associates 2016

ISBN 978-0-9872783-6-4

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This publication looks at researchers perspectives on barriers to involving consumers and the community in their research.

McKenzie A., Bulsara C., Haines H., Hanley B., Alpers K. (2016) Barriers to community involvement in health and medical research: Researchers perspectives on consumer and community involvement in research: a qualitative study.

ISBN 978-0-9872783-5-7

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The Consumer and Community Participation Program: Report on Activities 1998 – 2014 documents the history and achievements of the Involvement Program at the School of Population Health and the Telethon Kids Institute.

McKenzie A., Alpers K. (2015) Consumer and Community Participation Program: Report on Activities 1998 – 2014

ISBN 978-0-9872783-4-0

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This book aims to provide guidance to researchers who are planning to actively involve consumers and community members in research.

McKenzie A., Hanley R. (2014) Planning for Consumer and Community Participation in Health and Medical Research: A practical guide for health and medical researchers.

ISBN 978-0-9872783-3-3

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The Fact Sheet Series is a booklet of short simple ‘tools’ to support the implementation of consumer and community involvement in health research. They are designed so that you can pick and choose which fact sheets are most relevant to you or your project.

McKenzie A., Haines H. (2014) Consumer and Community Participation Fact Sheet Series, Second Edition

View and download individual fact sheets here

ISBN 978-0-9872783-2-6

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This practical guide to establishing consumer and community involvement at an organisational level provides guidance and shared experiences of consumer and community involvement.

McKenzie & Hanley, (2007) Consumer and Community Participation in Health and Medical Research, A practical guide for health and medical research organisations.

FEBRUARY 2012, SECOND PRINT, ISBN 978-0-9872783-0-2

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