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We promote the community ‘voice’ in health research.

Fact Sheets Series

The Fact Sheet series is written in plain language and are suitable for researchers, consumers and community members. It is a booklet of short simple ‘tools’ to support the implementation of consumer and community involvement in health research. They are designed so that you can pick and choose which fact sheets are most relevant to you or your project.

McKenzie A., Haines H. (2014) Consumer and Community Participation Fact Sheet Series, Second Edition

ISBN 978-0-9872783-2-6

Download PDF of the complete series here

Pick and choose which fact sheets are most relevant to you or your project


Each Fact Sheet below explains the basics of consumer and community involvement; why it is important, the principles and tips on preparing for involvement

Fact Sheet P01: Why Involve Consumers and Community Members in Research?

What it is, what it’s not, the requirements and the benefits of participation

Fact Sheet P02: Principles of Participation

Five simple principles to guide all of your participation activities

Fact Sheet P03: For Consumers and Community Members

Questions for consumers and community members to ask before agreeing to get involved in research

Fact Sheet P04: Identifying Appropriate Consumer and Community Members

Help to decide who is right for your project

Fact Sheet P05: Meeting with Consumers and Community Members

How to make the most out of your meetings with consumer and community members


Each Fact Sheet below provides a step-by-step guide that walks you through various methods of implementing participation in your project

Fact Sheet M01. Planning Participation

By planning your participation you will have a clear sense of what you want to achieve and what you will need to do

Fact Sheet M02. Reference Groups

Establishing a group that can be referred to throughout the research project

Fact Sheet M03. Steering Groups

Setting up a group to steer and influence the research project

Fact Sheet M04. Consumer and Community Advisory Councils

Supporting participation at a strategic level

Fact Sheet M05. Consumer and Community Consultation Forums

One-off or occasional meetings between researchers and a number of consumers and community members

Fact Sheet M06. Consumer and Community Researchers

Consumers and community members who have been trained to work with researchers to conduct research

Fact Sheet M07. Research Buddies

A way of providing a link between the researchers, consumers and community members and organisations that fund research

Fact Sheet M08. Writing or Commenting on Documents

Consumers and community members can help you write documents such as information sheets, consent forms, reports and brochures

Fact Sheet M09. Grant Application Reviewers

Funders are increasingly involving consumers and community members in reviewing their grant applications

Fact Sheet M10. Writing Grant Applications

Consumers and community members can make valuable contributions and add a different perspective to other stakeholders in the development of a grant application

Fact Sheet M11. Plain Language Summaries

Tips for writing for members of the public, in easy to understand language

Fact Sheet M12. Evaluation

Evaluating participation activities is fundamental to the principles of continuous quality improvement


Tools and resources to support your understanding of involving people in research. These can be used to share knowledge of consumer and community participation with others.

Fact Sheet T01. Stakeholder Wheel

Highlights the need for all stakeholders to be included in the research process

Fact Sheet T02. The Research Cycle

Shows the stages of where consumers and community members can be involved in your research project

Fact Sheet T03. The Ladder of Participation

Outlines various levels of participation you can aim for in your research

Fact Sheet T04. Further Sources of Information

Suggestions for finding more information about consumer and community participation