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We advocate for consumer and community involvement to become standard practice in health research.

Publications about consumer and community involvement

There are many published articles about consumer and community involvement. Whilst we are unable to include them all we have included a selection grouped under the headings below which highlight aspects of consumer and community involvement including:

  • The benefits
  • Methods
  • Techniques of consumer and community involvement

The articles are listed in chronological order, with the most recent articles appearing first.


These articles introduce consumer and community involvement in research including the variety of factors that can influence this involvement.

Our publications

Articles that have been written in collaboration with Consumer and Community Health Research Network staff.

Australian publications

Articles published by Australian authors about consumer and community involvement.

Priority setting partnerships

We work with consumers, community members and service providers to identify their priorities for research. The process that we use is based on the Priority Setting Partnership developed by the James Lind Alliance.

Involvement of diverse groups

Articles highlighting how different groups of consumers and community members can be actively involved in research.

Public health and health services research

Articles that describe research within public health, health promotion and health services in a community setting.

Clinical research

Articles about involving consumers and community members in clinical, biomedical and clinical trials research.


Articles demonstrating a range of methods used to integrate consumer and community involvement in research.

The benefits

Articles outlining the benefits of consumer and community involvement for driving changes in policy and practice.


Understanding, measuring and evaluating the impact that consumer and community involvement has on research.

Measuring and reporting

Articles exploring how consumer and community involvement can be measured, reported and reviewed.


Publications examining the attitudes of researchers, consumers and community members to different aspects of involvement.

Where possible we have provided a pdf version of each article. Where this has not been possible we have provided a link to a website. If you require any assistance accessing these publications please contact us.

The INVOLVE publication invoNET Bibliography 4 has more articles which you may find useful.

If you have any publications on consumer and community involvement in research that you would like us to consider for inclusion on this site please contact us as we intend to continually update and increase the number of publications on our website.

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