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The Consumer and Community Heath Research Network is for people who share an interest in consumer and community involvement in research.

The Network was established for consumers, community members and researchers to:

  • Raise awareness of the value of consumer and community involvement
  • Share information about events, training opportunities and hot topics
  • Promote opportunities to be involved in research
  • Provide a link between different groups
  • Hear about the activities of the Consumer and Community Health Research Network

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Involvement opportunities

We are committed to ensuring consumers and community members are supported to have the confidence and knowledge to contribute effectively to research. There are many ways to have a ‘say’ about research. You may decide to participate in an event or use your skills and experience to apply for a position on a research project. See current opportunities below.

Current Involvement Opportunities

Applications close 22 February 2019

PCH Emergency Department Youth Consumer Representatives

Are you aged 14 – 21 years old? Have you attended a children’s hospital emergency department for asthma, pneumonia, Bell’s Palsy, a head or neck injury (including concussion) or seizures in the past 3 years?

Researchers at the Perth Children’s Hospital Emergency Department are looking for 2 young people to provide advice on their research as Consumer Representatives.

If you have experience of going to an emergency department at a children’s hospital, your help is needed!

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Applications close 22 February 2019

Developing and testing a functional assessment for individuals on the autism spectrum

Are you an adult with autism or the carer of someone on the spectrum? Would you like to have a say about a new tool for understanding how autism affects daily life?

Curtin University and Telethon Kids Institute researchers are seeking the help of 8 to 12 people on the autism spectrum, and their parents/carers, to form a reference group informing the development of an assessment tool to help measure how people on the autism spectrum participate in daily activity.

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Applications close 01 March 2019

Prescription medication use during pregnancy

Did you use prescription medication at some point during your pregnancy?

Researchers at the University of Western Australia need you to help them with an important project.

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Applications close 01 March 2019

Chronic pain after surgery for breast cancer project

Have you had surgery for breast cancer? Did you experience chronic pain after the surgery?

Researchers at Royal Perth Hospital are looking for two people to join a reference group to advise on an exciting new project that aims to prevent the nervous system from ‘re-wiring’ following surgery, and therefore reduce pain.

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Upcoming Events and Training

12 March 2019

Road Safety Community Conversation

Do you have a personal experience involving a traffic accident? We need your opinion on how to improve road safety in WA. In Western Australia, 161 people died on the roads in last year equal to one fatality every second day. Unfortunately this doesn’t include the 20 injured for life and yet another 200+ needing…

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We offer a range of training workshops for researchers, consumers and community members to promote partnerships that will actively involve consumers and community members in research.

Our workshops have been developed in direct response to queries from researchers, funding bodies, government and non-government organisations:

Any Training Workshops currently scheduled will appear in Involvement Opportunities above. Alternatively, find out more about our workshops or customised training options below.

Consumer Training Researcher Training