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The Consumer and Community Heath Research Network is for people who share an interest in consumer and community involvement in research.

The Network was established for consumers, community members and researchers to:

  • Raise awareness of the value of consumer and community involvement
  • Share information about events, training opportunities and hot topics
  • Promote opportunities to be involved in research
  • Provide a link between different groups
  • Hear about the activities of the Consumer and Community Health Research Network

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Involvement opportunities

We are committed to ensuring consumers and community members are supported to have the confidence and knowledge to contribute effectively to research. There are many ways to have a ‘say’ about research. You may decide to participate in an event or use your skills and experience to apply for a position on a research project. See current opportunities below.

Current Involvement Opportunities

Applications close 19 July 2019

Cyber Friendly Primary Schools Project – Parent Reference Group

Are your kids interested in social media, games and apps like Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Roblox or YouTube (just to name a few!)?

Would you like to provide input on children’s use of digital technology?

Researchers at Telethon Kids Institute are looking for 8 parents or carers with children in Years 4 - 6, of primary school, to form a new reference group.

If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply! We also have a Kid's Reference Group if you think your child might be interested in applying.

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Applications close 22 July 2019

Cyber Friendly Primary Schools Project – Kids Reference Group

Do your kids like spending time online?

Do you think they may have ideas of ways to keep themselves and other kids safer online?

Researchers at the Telethon Kids Institute are looking for six 9 - 12 year old’s from Perth to be a part of a Kid’s Reference Group for a new project on cyber safety.

We also have a Parents Reference Group if you're interested in applying.

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Applications close 28 July 2019

UPLIFT online wellbeing project National Reference Group

Are you aged 16 – 24 years? Do you have a chronic physical condition (asthma, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, chronic pain or an autoimmune disease)? Do you want to make a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of other young people living with these conditions?

Researchers at Telethon Kids Institute are looking for 8 young people to join a national community reference group to help develop an exciting new program of research.

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Applications close 31 July 2019

Investigating the effects of different types of vegetables on heart health

Are you interested in helping to understand which vegetables are the best to eat for good heart health?

Edith Cowan University Researchers are undertaking a clinical trial investigating the effects of eating different types of vegetables on heart health. They want to involve two members of the community who are interested in the effect diet has on good heart health.

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Applications close 02 August 2019

Reporting on Quality of Life after being an inpatient at Fiona Stanley Hospital

Would you like hospitals to know whether or not your quality of life improved after being an inpatient?

Researchers at Fiona Stanley Hospital are looking for two consumers to join their research team to develop an easy to use system/tool to survey patients about their Quality of Life.

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Applications close 02 August 2019

Let’s get children exercising

Are you concerned about your child's inability to exercise and the consequences for their future health with regards to weight gain. Murdoch University researchers have designed a program to support young people to enjoy exercising. They are looking for two parents and four young people to join their research team.

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Applications close 02 August 2019

Promoting HIV testing for Indonesian women

Curtin researchers are developing a way of encouraging women from Indonesia, who are living in Australia, to test for HIV. They are requiring the help of two Indonesian women living with HIV to be Community Researchers with the project.

You don’t need to know how to conduct research, or have been a community researcher before to join the team. You will have access to training and support from the research team and will not be required to do anything on your own.

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Applications close 02 August 2019

Childhood Allergy Prevention Community Reference Group

Do you, your child or one of your family members, have allergies (food allergy, asthma, eczema or hay-fever)? Researchers at Telethon Kids Institute are looking for 10 adults with an interest in preventing allergies to join their new  Community Reference Group and provide input to their new and existing studies.

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Upcoming Events and Training

22 July 2019

Spinnaker Foundation Grant Drop-in Service 2020

Are you  applying for Spinnaker Foundation Grant funding in 2020? If so, why not attend a Consumer and Community Health Research Network Drop in Service? Meet with a member of our team and an experienced consumer representative to discuss potential involvement opportunities. We can support you in planning for consumer involvement in your funding applications.…

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07 August 2019

Antibiotic Allergies Community Conversation

Are you interested in the safer use of antibiotics? Many people believe they have an allergy to antibiotics (like penicillin) but have never been tested. If you, or someone in your family suspects an allergy to antibiotics then we'd love to hear from you!

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We offer a range of training workshops for researchers, consumers and community members to promote partnerships that will actively involve consumers and community members in research.

Our workshops have been developed in direct response to queries from researchers, funding bodies, government and non-government organisations:

Any Training Workshops currently scheduled will appear in Involvement Opportunities above. Alternatively, find out more about our workshops or customised training options below.

Consumer Training Researcher Training