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Australian publications

Australian authors have published a wealth of articles about consumer and community involvement.

Working with the community to identify research priorities for family and domestic violence
Fisher C., McKenzie A., Preen D., Crowe S., Cooke V., Glauert R., O’Donnell M., Adams I., West M., Smith S., Harrison H., Nguyen R., Henning L., McNeil N., Frank
B. Family and Domestic Violence Priority Setting Partnership Project Report. The University of Western Australia School of Population Health, Telethon Kids Institute, Kulunga Aboriginal Research Development Unit, Consumer and Community Health Research Network, Anglicare WA and Crowe Associates 2016

Issues for families following a catastrophic injury in Western Australia
Bulsara C E, Cuesta Briand B, McKenzie A, Moorin R. Communication factors impacting on the ability of a family following a catastrophic injury in Western Australia. Nursing and Palliative Care, 2016, DOI:10.15761/NPC.1000134 Volume 1(6): 5-6

Partnering with consumers: national standards and lessons from other countries
Gill SD, Gill M. Partnering with consumers: national standards and lessons from other countries. Medical Journal of Australia 2015;203(3):134-136

Two Methods for Engaging with the Community in Setting Priorities for Child Health Research: Who Engages?
Rikkers W, Boterhoven de Haan K, Lawrence D, McKenzie A, Hancock K, Haines H, Christensen D, Zubrick S. Two methods for engaging with the community in setting priorities for child health research: Who engages? PLoS ONE 2015 10(5): e0125969. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0125969

Meeting the needs of Australian cancer consumers
Sanders C, Crossing S. Towards meeting the research needs of Australian cancer consumers. BMC Research Notes 2012;5:667

Community Forum: Prescription Medicines Costs
Kemp A. Report from Health Issues Group Community Forum on prescription medicines costs.  Health Consumers’ Council of WA and The University of Western Australia, Perth 2011

Involvement in health promotion research
Fisher C. Implications of participation and equality in the research process for health promotion practice: domestic violence as an example. Health Promotion Journal of Australia 2011;22(2):119-23

Collaborating with consumer and community representatives in health and medical research in Australia: results from an evaluation
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Summary of consumer and community involvement in Australia
Saunders C, Girgis A. Status, challenges and facilitators of consumer involvement in Australian health and medical research. Health Research Policy and Systems 2010;8:34

Research collaborations
Mayo K, Tsey K, Empowerment Research Team. The research dance: university and community research collaborations at Yarrabah, North Queensland, Australia. Health and Social Care in the Community 2009;17(2):133–140

Consumer involvement in indigenous research
Mooney-Somers J, Maher L. The Indigenous Resiliency Project: a worked example of community-based participatory research. NSW Public Health Bulletin 2009;20(7-8):112-118

Consumer’s research priorities
Saunders C, Gooden H, Robotin M, Mumford J. As the bell tolls: a foundation study on pancreatic cancer consumer’s research priorities. BMC Research Notes 2009;2:179

Otitis Media Research
Lehmann D, Arumugaswamy A, Elsbury D, Finucane J, Stokes A, Monck R, Jeffries-Stokes C, McAullay D, Coates H, Stanley FJ. The Kalgoorlie Otitis Media Research Project: rationale, methods, population characteristics and ethical considerations. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 2008; 22:60–71

Training consumers to review research
Saunders C, Girgis A, Butow P, Crossing S, Penman A. From inclusion to independence – Training consumers to review research. Health Research Policy and Systems 2008;6:3 doi:10.1186/1478-4505-6-3

Research of public value
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Operationalising a model framework for involvement
Saunders C, Crossing S, Girgis A, Butow P, Penman A. Operationalising a model framework for consumer and community participation in health and medical research. Australia and New Zealand Health Policy 2007;4:13

Young people’s health and well being

Holmes W, Stewart P, Garrow A, Anderson I, Thorpe L. Researching Aboriginal health: experience from a study of urban young people’s health and well-being. Social Science & Medicine 2002;54:1267–1279