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Measuring and reporting

Articles exploring how consumer and community involvement can be measured, reported and reviewed.

Involving consumers in the review process
Boote J, Baird W, Sutton A. Public involvement in the systematic review process in health and social care: A narrative review of case examples. Health Policy 2011:102:105–116

Reviewing involvement strategies in a funding program
Moran R, Davidson P. An uneven spread: A review of public involvement in the National Institute of Health Research’s Health Technology Assessment program. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care 2011;27(4):343-347

Measuring the effects of involvement
Purtell RA, Wyatt KM. Measuring something real and useful in consumer involvement in health and social care research. International Journal of Consumer Studies 2011;35:605-608

Guidance for reporting consumer and community involvement
Staniszewska S, Brett J, Mockford C, Barber R. The GRIPP checklist: Strengthening the quality of patient and public involvement reporting in research. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care 2011;27(4):391-399

Measuring consumer and community involvement
Wilson C. Editorial. Measuring consumer involvement in health and social care: Dividing fact from fiction. International Journal of Consumer Studies 2011;35:603-604