We promote the community ‘voice’ in health research.

Process for seeking community input into grant applications

Associate Professor Marina Ciccarelli from Curtin University contacted the Consumer and Community Health Research Network as she wanted to involve community members in her research grant application. Marina met with Consumer Advocate, Ben Horgan, to discuss her project and how she wanted to work together with people with lived experience to provide input into her research.

Marina was exceptionally pleased with the support and advice that she received from the Consumer and Community Health Research Network and so delighted by the input and advice she received from the community members that she welcomed them to become co-investigators on the grant.

At a recent training workshop Marina presented on the process and involvement she had with the Consumer and Community Health Network team. Marina presented a slide on the step by step process she used to involve the community in her research and commented “it was so easy, if I can do it then anyone can!”

See Marina’s step-by step process.