We promote the community ‘voice’ in health research.

Top tips for consumer and community involvement

Following feedback from consumers and community members asking how to make the most of their involvement as a consumer or community member on a research team, the Consumer and Community Health Research Network came up with some tips. At an Advanced Skill Building Workshop for consumers/community members, we presented our top tip suggestions and asked the group to comment on them and come up with their own ideas. These ideas were collated and voted on and the result is this list of top tips for involvement.

Top tips on involvement for consumer and community members

  1. Be prepared (pre-reading, agenda, know other members in the group)
  2. Understand your role and expectations
  3. Use your story appropriately and effectively
  4. Be confident to ask any questions you may have
  5. Be polite, courteous and respect other points of view
  6. Be consistent and persistent about the consumer perspective
  7. Look for win-win situations
  8. Build strong relationships
  9. Be patient, change takes time
  10. Know who to go to for support on the committee and/or in the Consumer and Community Health Research Network

Download the Top Tips