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We promote the community ‘voice’ in health research.

Consumer and community forums

This involves holding one-off or occasional meetings with community members or consumers who have a common or shared interest to ask for their views or input. This could be about the design of:

  • A specific project
  • Community issues
  • Priorities for new research
  • The potential impact or benefit to the community
  • Research results or findings

Alternatively these can also be used to inform or seek specific information from the community. Forums can be a good way of accessing input from large groups of people in a short period of time.

Opportunities for further involvement in the research project can be offered to consumers and community members whilst at these forums. Consumer and community forums can also be know as community conversations.

Who could attend a community forum?

  • Consumers or community members
  • Members of consumer, advocacy or community organisations
  • Carers
  • Community members with a common interest or health issue

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