Read about how CCHRN are working to involve consumers in COVID-19 research and find out how you can contribute

We promote the community ‘voice’ in health research.

Consumers and community members in research teams

This is commonly referred to as having a consumer or community representative. If using this method, try to involve at least two consumers or community members. Being the only consumer or community member on a research team can be daunting, particularly if the group is large.

Having more than one person can also bring wider perspectives. It is important to involve people who feel confident enough to speak out when meeting with a group of professionals and experts. Involving people who are connected to, or have membership of, a consumer or community organisation can bring the wider perspective of the organisation to the research team.

Where do you find them?

It may be helpful to approach health consumer, community or non-government organisations or contact a group that has an interest in your research topic or area e.g. a support group.