Steering groups

These are groups of stakeholders who steer and influence the research project. It will have more influence and involvement than a reference group, which only provides advice.

Therefore this method is only appropriate if involving consumers or community members from a very early stage in the project. A steering group may also consist of a range of other stakeholders and may be referred to as a steering panel.Steering groups can consist of any or all of these stakeholders:

  • Researchers 

  • Clinicians, policy makers, health administrators 

  • Consumers or community members 

  • Members of consumer advocacy organisations and/or non government organisations 


Putting it into practice:


The WA Insurance Commission funded a research project to 
look into costs associated with catastrophic injury. The Chief Investigators established a project steering committee that included health consumers, disability advocates, a parent carer, non- government agency representatives, an injury lawyer and government agency representatives. The steering committee had input into the methodology, recruitment, the project report and dissemination strategy. 



The Seniors Consumer Panel was established to facilitate ongoing consumer involvement throughout the research project.


Joint Steering Group to establish consumer and community advisory groups

A joint steering committee was established to undertake the necessary planning and development associated with establishing Consumer Advisory Councils at the School and the Institute.