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We promote the community ‘voice’ in health research.

Stories about involvement

Below we list a number of stories about involvement.

In ‘Perspectives of consumer and community involvement’ we asked a number of researchers and consumers who worked in partnership on a project about their experiences of consumer and community involvement.

In ‘Examples of projects that use a range of involvement activities’ an account is given of research projects that have used a range of methods to involve consumers and community members.

Perspectives of consumer and community involvement

The Developmental Pathways Project: Trends in pre-existing mental health disorders among parents of infants born in Western Australia from 1990 to 2005

Researcher: Melissa O’Donnell, NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow
Consumer: Margaret Cook, independent mental health consumer

Consumer co-payments: impact on health service utilisation and outcomes

Researcher: Anna Kemp, Research Assistant Professor at the UWA Centre for Health Services Research
Consumer: Michele Kosky, consumer consultant and former Executive Director of Health Consumers’ Council WA

Alcohol in pregnancy study

Researcher: Jan Payne, Researcher Program Manager
Consumer: Julie Whitlock, consumer representative

Examples of projects that use multiple involvement activities

Developmental Pathways Project

The Developmental Pathways Project has incorporated community forums, a community reference group, a community expo and research buddies into its community involvement activities.

Chronic disease outcomes and enhanced primary care in seniors and improving medication safety in seniors (65+) (Seniors project)

The Seniors project has incorporated community forums, a consumer panel, research buddies and stakeholder workshops in their involvement strategy.

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