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PCH Emergency Department Youth Consumer Representatives

Are you aged 14 – 21 years old? Have you attended a children’s hospital emergency department for asthma, pneumonia, Bell’s Palsy, a head or neck injury (including concussion) or seizures in the past three (3) years?

Researchers at the Perth Children’s Hospital Emergency Department are looking for two (2) young people to provide advice on their research as Consumer Representatives.

If you have experience of going to an emergency department at a children’s hospital, your help is needed!

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Falls prevention cognitive impairment

Falls prevention for people with Mild Cognitive Impairment

People aged over 50 who are living with a mild cognitive impairment are at higher risk of falling which can result in a poorer quality of life. Researchers at Curtin University are looking to evaluate a program that can specifically assist older people with cognitive impairment and need two Consumer Representatives to join their research team.

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Antibiotics use in children – Mandurah Parent Reference Group

Are you a parent with children 0 to 14 years of age? Do you live in the Mandurah or Peel region? Researchers at Murdoch University are looking for eight (8) parents to join their new Community Reference Group to provide input to their new study on antibiotic use in children.

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Violence, abuse and neglect of people with an intellectual disability

  • Researchers from Curtin University are looking for people with an intellectual disability to help with a research project
  • We would like to talk to people with an intellectual disability about how we can do our research in a way which is respectful, useful, and not harmful

box diagram describing how Research is Respectful, Not harmful and Useful

  • The research is about people with an intellectual disability who experience violence, abuse and neglect
  • We hope this research will give some ideas bout how to support people with an intellectual disability who experience violence, abuse or neglect
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group of people sitting in a circle gestering with their hands, you can't see their faces

Wesfarmers Centre for Infectious Diseases Community Reference Group

Western Australian children are the most poorly vaccinated kids in Australia – do you have ideas of how we could boost immunisation rates? Researchers at the Telethon Kids Institute are looking for new members to join the established Infectious Diseases Community Reference Group. You can have a say about this important topic and other research projects in this area.

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Professional physiotherapist working with senior patient in rehabilitation center

Balance Specific Rehab after Stroke

Balance problems after a stroke are common. Lateropulsion is a type of balance problem. Around 10% of people after a stroke have this balance problem however it is unknown how long this balance problem lasts or if it has any long-term effects. Researchers from Curtin University are looking for two (2) Consumer Representatives to join their team and ensure the project is informed from a lived experience.

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