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Using Video Technology to improve Cancer Diagnosis Research Buddies

Researchers at Fiona Stanley Hospital and Murdoch University are working on an exciting project which could help early diagnosis of cancer by combining the latest video technology and pathology

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About the project/vacancy

The research project aims to improve cancer diagnosis by converting digital images of tissue samples into videos. These videos will be analysed using technology similar to that used for self-driving cars, video surveillance and social media sites.

Using computer programming, the research team will 'train' a computer to identify tiny bits of cancer in lymph nodes which have been scanned and converted into video. This project could have a huge impact in a cancer patient's health in Australia and worldwide.

The research team are looking for two Research Buddies with lived experience of cancer, either as a patient or a carer, to join them as part of the research team

About the position

Fiona Stanley Hospital and Murdoch University researchers are looking for two people to assist with this research to ensure a strong focus is on the patients who will benefit from the project. The research team wishes to involve community with lived experience of cancer to ensure the desired research outcomes are driven by the needs of the people with an experience of cancer

What am I expected to do?

Applicants will be expected to:

  • Meet the researchers and share your lived experience
  • Review the documents written in plain language to ensure the communication is clear and can be understood by the general public
  • Discuss how to best communicate the research findings to the broader community

What skills or experience do I need?

You need to have had a lived experience of cancer (any type) either as a patient or as a carer

How long am I expected to be involved?

The research project will conclude in December 2020

Where will meetings be held?

We anticipate there will be up to three 1-hour meetings scheduled over nine months. Additional communication will take place via email.

Amidst the current COVID-19 situation, the meetings will take place via zoom or video conferencing (until otherwise advised)

What support is offered?

$35/hour honorarium is offered with these positions

Applications close: 10 April 2020

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