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Perth Children’s Hospital Anaesthesia Consumer Reference Group Additional Members

Do you have an interest in the use of anaesthesia in children during surgery? Has your child had surgery? The Anaesthesia and Pain Management Research Team at the Perth Children's Hospital (PCH) are looking for four parents or carers to join their existing Consumer Reference Group

Mum and Dad on bed with two kids under 5 yrs old

About the project/vacancy

Did you know over 10,000 children undergo surgery and general anaesthesia every year at Perth Children's Hospital (PCH)?

Research conducted by the Anaesthesia and Pain Management Research Group aim to improve the safety and quality of anaesthetic care provided to children and adolescents undergoing surgical procedures.

The Anaesthetic Research Team's program or research is extensive - examples of current and previous studies include:

  • Predicting and preventing respiratory complications during and after surgery
  • Improving pain management for children undergoing surgery
  • Exploring post-operative nausea and vomiting management options
  • Measuring neurodevelopmental outcomes after general anaesthesia
  • Developing and testing more palatable medications

About the position

The PCH Anaesthesia and Pain Management Research Group are looking for an additional four parents or carers to join an existing Consumer Reference Group

What am I expected to do?

The Community Reference Group members will provide advice on a range of research activities

Specifically, members will:

  • Attend three meetings at PCH each year
  • Provide perspective and review research documents (study summaries, grant applications, patient consent forms)
  • Provide advice on the best ways to recruit participants for studies
  • Help with the translation of study findings and ways to inform the wider community about the department's research
  • Provide insights into helping improve the experiences of patients' and families' in the hospital
  • Provide valuable feedback on planning for future research

What skills or experience do I need?

You will be a parent, or carer of a child and have:

  • A passion or interest in research
  • Past experience with a child undergoing surgery (preferable but not essential)

How long am I expected to be involved?

The research team are looking for individuals who can commit to a minimum of one year. The Group will meet three times throughout the year. Each meeting will be no longer than two hours.

Refreshments and parking are included.

Members may be required to review research documents outside of meetings; reviews of documentation generally takes 1-2 hours

Where will meetings be held?

Perth Children's Hospital, 15 Hospital Avenue, Queen Elizabeth II Campus, Nedlands

What support is offered?

$35/hour honorarium is offered for meetings attended and any out-of-session activities. Training and support is offered by the Consumer and Community Health Research Network

Applications close: 15 June 2020

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