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Let’s get children exercising

Are you concerned about your child's inability to exercise and the consequences for their future health with regards to weight gain. Murdoch University researchers have designed a program to support young people to enjoy exercising. They are looking for two parents and four young people to join their research team.

child on a scooter jumps above a skate park ramp

About the project/vacancy

Children who are inactive and overweight have an increased risk of getting heart disease and diabetes in their teens or as adults. We now know that engaging in more exercise is an important way for preventing these health problems occurring. Murdoch University researchers have developed a program specifically designed to increase exercise and fitness - which is our capacity to do more exercise - in children who are at risk for developing heart disease and diabetes.

About the position

The researchers are interested in the feedback from two children aged 10 - 12 and two children aged 13 - 16 with lived experience of needing to manage their weight. They are also interested in speaking with two parents with children in the same age groups.

What am I expected to do?

We would like to obtain feedback on our program with regards to:

  • What outcomes they would expect from such a program
  • What information is required within the program to keep young people engaged
  • How would you like it delivered and in what form (hard copy, electronic, video)
  • How to improve accessibility of the program

What skills or experience do I need?

We would like to obtain feedback on our program from parents and children (between the ages of 6 and 16 years) with lived experience of needing to manage their weight (or weight of their children).

How long am I expected to be involved?

6 months from August 2019

Where will meetings be held?

At Murdoch University

What support is offered?

$30 per hour honorarium. Training and support is offered by the Consumer and Community Health Research Network.

Applications close: 30 August 2019

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