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Promoting HIV testing for Indonesian women

Curtin researchers are developing a way of encouraging women from Indonesia, who are living in Australia, to test for HIV. They are requiring the help of two Indonesian women living with HIV to be Community Researchers with the project.

You don’t need to know how to conduct research, or have been a community researcher before to join the team. You will have access to training and support from the research team and will not be required to do anything on your own.

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About the project/vacancy

This is a three year project to develop a way of encouraging women from Indonesia to test for HIV. This project is partnership with women from the Indonesian community and organisations working in the area of HIV.

We want to know why women decide to test for HIV, and what could be done to help women to undertake testing. Community researchers (women from Indonesia, including people living with HIV and women with a negative or unknown status) will guide the project and the resulting service.

About the position

Curtin researchers are looking for two woman living with HIV who can help collect information from other Indonesian women about their willingness, access and knowledge of HIV testing. You don’t need to know how to conduct research, or have been a community researcher before. We do need women living with HIV to join the team. Curtin researchers will provide training and the research team will support you individually throughout your involvement.

What am I expected to do?

As a community researcher, you will work with the research team to:

  • Determine what questions to ask women about accessing health services and testing for HIV
  • Contribute to the co-design of the way of encouraging women to test for HIV
  • Help test whether women are more likely to test for HIV


What skills or experience do I need?

Curtin researchers are looking for women over 18 years old who:

  • Were born in Indonesia
  • Are living with HIV
  • Live in Perth
  • Know other women from Indonesia living in Perth
  • Are passionate about improving the health of women in their communities

Your privacy is very important to us. You are not required to disclose your status to anyone but the primary researcher (a female working in HIV research). If you want, you can be involved only via phone and/or email, to keep your identity hidden.


How long am I expected to be involved?

Up to 3 years starting in April 2019. The role will involve approximately 10 - 30 hours per year, depending on your availability. We hope you can be in this role for at least 6 months.

Where will meetings be held?

Curtin University Bentley campus but potential for venues within the community if more convenient.

What support is offered?

A $30 per meeting honorarium will be offered. You will be provided with a key contact person to ask any additional questions.

Applications close: 02 August 2019

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